Tina Lee, Justin Long

We got Korea in the house! Tina Lee has got that whole naughty chick-next-door vibe down pat. Far from her to be shy, Tina hikes up her skirt and exposes her sexy rhinestone panties. We find out that this freaky little Asian belle loves having her hair pulled, but most of all, wants to try out a nice, hard chocolate donger to suck and fuck long time! Justin Long eats out her cunt and bung viciously, lapping up every crevice and crack with extreme prejudice. You should really get a load of this screaming Asian woman as she gets bottomed out in the most painful way possible!

Doctor Spring, Part 2

Doctor Spring, Part 2 Doctor Spring, Part 2
Doctor Spring, Part 2 @ SpringThomas.com
Dear Members of Spring Thomas.com: It's time for the return of your favorite sex therapist, Dr. Spring. I must confess, this isn't Spring. It's her best friend...see, Spring is a little shaken up right now. So much so she wasn't able to write this week's description of her scene. This is a shame, cause it's something she loves to do. Really, it is. See, this week she brought in a couple for some intense therapy, and things went well...until the end. I can't really say more than that. You'll need to watch the scene in order to fully understand Spring's aguish. It's so terrible, so tragic, words cannot adequatley describe what went wrong. So there ya go. Ms. Thomas will be back next week, ready to write. Promise.
Doctor Spring, Part 2 Doctor Spring, Part 2
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Cali Sweets

Cali Sweets Cali Sweets
Cali Sweets @ Gloryhole-Initiations.com
The Black Man is about to have a coronary over what black beauty Cali Sweets has done. Cali's heard wild rumors of a public restroom where random white boys poke their peckers through any one of the holes in the wall. Cali tests her luck by visiting this restroom where a covered cracker cock enters after she's shed some of her slutty clothing. However, Cali's not so sweet after taking off that barrier and sucking that random white cock RAW. The petite black clut slobs that white knob and even manages to ride the wall for a few minutes. What could possess this black slut to do such a thing? That's the answer: she's a slut for the white man and only the white man. Cali doesn't exit the restroom until her black pussy gets filled to the max with that random white boy's creamy nut sauce. She's a whore if there ever was one.
Cali Sweets Cali Sweets

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White Anal Sex Toy

The romantic art of interracial ass reaming doesn’t get any better than Danica Dillon’s rectal rampage. Danica has tried getting white dicks hard but the white man’s curse continues on. The only way to expand her bunghole would be with a black sex toy that doesn’t deflate upon initial entry. The latest entry to club BlacksonBlondes is a sexually deprived white girl that’s come to us in order to achieve the multiple orgasms that all our sluts barely live through. On her bed Danica finger-fucks all her holes until uber black dick sex toy slinger, Mr. Marcus, joins in on her fun and worships this white slut in a manner that’s only fitting. After some hot and heavy foreplay Danica swallows his black bazooka until her stomach’s contents nearly reach the surface. The gooey and wet pussy is next on the black cock hit list and Marcus goes balls deep on Danica’s gaping gash. The sound of big black cock slamming against her naughty area is drowned out by Danica’s teething grinding as a result of a black cock that’s leveling her reproductive system. We could have had a pop shot at this point and call it a day. However, Danica begged that her asshole be filled to the rim with black cock and who were we to deny that request? Marcus drilled her asshole until his balls were resting comfortably against her slippery wet vulva. The anal blitzkrieg left Danica clinching at her bedsheets and her lungs nearly void of any oxygen. Our interracial anal adult video invasion came to an end when Danica’s face was frosted by black glaze

Noelle, Nick East

Noelle has got a jumbo set of 36DD all-natural boobs. She's new to the industry, but this curvy woman has definitely seen a wang or two. She lets her giant jugs loose and gets her enormous round anus oiled up a bit then heads for Nick East's big shaft. Her oversize hooters swing to and fro as she works Nick's fat shlong into her throat, and he face-fucks this busty beauty hard. She loves to suck dick, but likes getting banged even more. Her snatch will be experienced when he's done ravaging it with his long hard dick. He pumps her gushy bald clam and then splatters her tongue and face with a messy cumshot.