Doctor Spring, Part 2

Doctor Spring, Part 2 Doctor Spring, Part 2
Doctor Spring, Part 2 @
Dear Members of Spring It's time for the return of your favorite sex therapist, Dr. Spring. I must confess, this isn't Spring. It's her best friend...see, Spring is a little shaken up right now. So much so she wasn't able to write this week's description of her scene. This is a shame, cause it's something she loves to do. Really, it is. See, this week she brought in a couple for some intense therapy, and things went well...until the end. I can't really say more than that. You'll need to watch the scene in order to fully understand Spring's aguish. It's so terrible, so tragic, words cannot adequatley describe what went wrong. So there ya go. Ms. Thomas will be back next week, ready to write. Promise.
Doctor Spring, Part 2 Doctor Spring, Part 2
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